How handicap people are treated at Jackson Mi.

Lansing, Michigan 0 comments

May11,2009 at the jackson about 6P.M.

I wanted to get 13 more straight edgescalopped edgers. The clerk name Lisa was very helpful she called for a fork lift because they were not open and way up on top of the shelves . A total of four pages went out for the fork lift . She finally got a ladder and climbed up and with another young man's assisatance got them down for me .

My wife and I had a chance to observe the person in the yard with the fork lift he was mainly just messing around. We roughly had the sme treatment on Saturday . I am on oxygen and I have a right hand i unable to use theuy just do not seem to see that I might need a little help. My name is Theron jones My phone # is (517) 764-4925 my address is 144 N.

State St.

Michigan Center Mi.49254

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